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  1. Rebecca K. says:

    I enjoyed hearing about how the books came to be. That would be so neat and exciting if it was turned into a TV series!! I only hope that you would be able to identify it with the stories you wrote and the vision behind them. You never know what the Lord might do.

    Your books encourage and inspire me. I’m drawn into the drama but I really like the deep thinking, the insights, and most of all how the desire is to be a light and blessing wherever the Lord puts us and however He chooses to use us, even if it’s only a simple smile.

    My favorites are Angels on Call and Notes From a Doctor’s Pocket. Angels on Call is exciting, and full of so many heart-tugging events. Notes From a Doctor’s Pocket is packed with human and spiritual insight, challenges and joys that many people can relate to.

    God bless. Rebecca K.

    • Robert Lesslie says:

      Rebecca, thank you so much for your comments. I love hearing from people who get out of my books what I hope and try to put into them. I am so glad that my simple words are able to hopefully point out our great God in everyday situations. Again, thank you for your encouragement. -Robert

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