Here are some of the columns that I have written for YC Magazine in York County, SC. They have been kind enough to publish my monthly articles for many years now. This page is a work in progress…I am hoping to fill in the holes. Check some of these out and feel free to let me know what you think. Thanks! – Robert


“Test Your Knowledge (again): Sleep, Supplements, and a Few Surprises” March 2015

“Test Your Knowledge: Lipids, Fats, and Other Stuff” February 2015

“New Year’s Cheer” January 2015

“Taken – For Granted” November 2014

“You are what you eat” September 2014

“Freedom” July 2014

“Doc, let me ask you something.” June 2014

“Say Doc, What Can You Tell Me About…” April 2014

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” ¬†February 2014

“Thankful” November 2013

“For You Mothers of Invention” October 2013

“Some Things of Interest” September 2013

“Stuff Happens” August 2013

“A Little of This and Some of That” July 2013

“A Little Public Health” June 2013

“The Circle” May 2013

“Common Sense Ain’t So Common” April 2013

“Turning Up the Heat” July 2012

“Good News” December 2011

“A Second Glance” September 2011

“Don’t Say It!” July 2011

“The Beat Goes On – We Hope” February 2011

“A Little Whoopie for the New Year” January 2011

“The Reason for the Season” December 2010

“This and That” August 2010

“Not Yet” July 2010

“Summertime Blues” May 2010

“Why Ask Why?” August 2009

“Proper 911 Etiquette” July 2009

“More Medical Myths” August 2008

“Pharmaceutical Industry” May 2008

“Times Gone By” October 2007

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